2023 Membership is here!

To purchase a 2023 seasons pass or day pass click on link below. Please read the note at the bottom once you click the link.!/events/woodstock-cycling-club-membership-2023

Click here for directions to the Pines

Woodstock Cycling Club memberships are only available to purchase online.  A PDF membership card can be printed. It will no longer be mailed out.  Please take the time to go through the FAQ’s, if you have any other questions. Or if you are involved in or witness an accident while riding at the Pines or with a group road ride. Please e-mail the club at

Click on the link at the bottom of the page to purchase your membership through CCN bikes.

Membership fees

Day Pass                                                                                                               $10!/events/woodstock-cycling-club-membership-2023 There is a day pass option there. <

Yearly Membership

Adult                                                                                                                        $35

Youth/Senior (under 18 or over 65 years of age)                                         $35

Family (2 parents, unlimited children under 18 years of age) $70

To purchase a 2023 seasons pass click link below. Please read the note at the bottom once you click on the link.!/events/woodstock-cycling-club-membership-2023


Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need to be a member to ride the trails (The Pines) ?  Yes.  The club is in a unique situation where the trails we maintain are on land that is leased by the club.  Part of this agreement means people riding the trails need to be club members. There is a Day Pass $10 per person.

What does my membership fee go towards?  Most of the money collected from membership fees go towards paying the lease for the land the trails are on and the insurance needed to secure that lease.  Our lease and insurance fees represent an annual cost of approx $5000.  The rest of the money goes to trail up keep and general costs associated with running a club.

How long is my membership good for?  Club memberships are good for the calendar year they are purchased in.  All club memberships expire on Dec 31st of the year they are purchased in. DAY PASSES end at midnight of day purchased.

Does my OCA membership give me a discount? No.  The club gets its insurance through IMBA.  Unfortunately OCA insurance does not cover the requirements of our lease.

When can I ride The Pines? After you have your membership, whenever you want!  The Pines is available to ride year around, including night rides.

Are there day passes? Yes there is!  Day Passes are $10 per person and good until midnight on the day purchased.

How does The Pines hold up to rain?  Great!  After the spring thaw it is extremely unlikely that the trails will ever be too wet to ride.  You’ll likely be thinking of building an ark before you can’t ride the trails.

Do I need a helmet?  Of course!  Helmets are mandatory for all club rides and anytime you are riding at The Pines

What do I do if I have an accident or witness one? Please e-mail the club at with the details.

Memberships are now available. See you on the trails.

To purchase a 2023 seasons pass click below. Please read the note at the bottom once you click the link.!/events/woodstock-cycling-club-membership-2023

Know the code ride with in it. Hiking is not permitted but trail crews are often on trails.




You can buy your membership or Day Pass by clicking the link below.!/events/woodstock-cycling-club-membership-2023