The Woodstock Cycling Club is a registered not-for-profit corporation.  We ride Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and Cyclocross.  More to follow…

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  1. Would like to know more about the fat bike demo day on Feb 18. Do we need to be at the Pines for the start at 10? Also what all is availa le in the way of activities, food & drink ect? Never been to such an event like this before and wondered what to expect. Thanks!

    • You can arrive any time during the event time as it is a drop in. I would suggest at least two hours before the end if you wish to try out the bikes. I suggest you bring food and drinks of your own as we are a distance from town. I dont think food is available at this event. There are a few activities planned a star race but mostly it is a chance to come out for free and try a fat bike and ride the trails and ecperance what winter riding is all about at the Pines. On Mat 28 we will be having another demo day for regular mountain biking also

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