2017 Jersey order!!!

Attention members – many have asked “How can I get my very own Woodstock Cycling Club jersey?”  Well now is your chance!  We have set up a “CS Direct” order with Champion Systems. Click on the link below, set up an account, order what ever you like from the store, select the shipping option (to avoid shipping charges select group option, when your order arrives it will be available for pick-up from Chris F. or at Pedal Power Bicycles).


The window for ordering will be from February 17th to April 1st

The order should arrive 4-5 weeks after the closing date.

The most economical option would be the “Tech” range, but the order is set up so that you can select other levels of jerseys, as well as options for shorts.  There’s even a BMX style option for the hardcore riders.

If you have any questions, email the club.






Hello all, Trail Chair here. The snow is melting BUT the trails are still icy/ super sloppy. As a result, to prevent damage, they are closed for the moment until initial maintenance can be done. Hopefully the rain will help but i don’t think they will be fully open until late April.To speed up the process, come out on the 19th for the 1st official Trail Maintenance Day. Full details will be posted here closer to the date.


Membership Questions

Yes, online registration is the only way to get a club membership this year. We apologize if this is an inconvenience. If you are without any means of purchasing online we recommend you purchase a pre-paid Visa card or ask a friend to pay for you.

This is new for our club. It is not new for other clubs in our situation. If you want to be a member of the OCA, LCW, Turkey Point MTB club or Waterloo Cycling Club, online registration is mandatory.
We apologize if this causes any issues and that it is not already available. We will have it up soon, and will make an announcement when it is ready!

Thanks, Thomas          Club President