2016 Dairy Capital Stampede

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WCC Jerseys and Clothing

We have set up an online store with Champion Systems:

All you need to do is go to the link, set up an account, decide what you want, and place your order. All the kit will be shipped to Chris F.  Then we will get it to you.

The store will be active until April 22nd, so don’t delay!




Thursday Road Rides

Lets try and start the Thursday evening road rides this week (April 14th). Meet behind Pedal Power, ride leaves at 6pm. Casual pace (28 to 30) for the first few weeks, and only enough daylight for shorter distances (30 to 45). If you have a road bike and would like to see what group riding is like, but not sure of your fitness, this is your chance to get started.

Pancake Ride March 20th

Looking at the calendar, we’ve decided to have the annual Pancake Ride on March 20th.  As per tradition we will meet behind Pedal Power at 9am, ride out to Jakeman’s, book some tables, maybe do a short loop, then eat some delicious pancakes with maple syrup.  Any bike, your willing to ride on sloppy gravel roads, will do.  Bring a helmet, some money for food and a smile.

The AGM and The New Executive

Just a quick update to let everyone know…..

Although we didn’t get as much of a turn out as we hoped for, last night’s AGM was a fun night as usual.  Outgoing President, Thomas, gave a presentation on the state of the club, and as expected 2015 was a great success.

President for 2016 will be Dallas Moesker.

Thanks Thomas for your many years of work on the executive of the WCC!  Even though you’re spending most of your time in the big city, we know you’ll still be leaned on for advice and guidance.

Vice-President will now be Chris Pollett.

Secretary and Treasurer will continue to be held by Brian Walsh and Jody Mitchell.

Marcy Dibbley has agreed to stay on for another year running the Youth Program.  Thanks Marcy!

Media will continue to be Tom Redekop, you’ll hear more from him once Ski/Snowboard season ends.

The new Trail Maintenance Chair will be Jamie McPherson.  Thank you, Alistair for your hard work building the last few years.

We have a new Race Director, Dave Coeck.  Previous race director and long time executive member was Ryan Ludington.  Thanks Ryan, for your many years and many successful races.

And last but not least, I (Chris Ferrell) will return as Touring Chair and general pain in the backside!

2016 looks to be an exciting year of continued improvements to the WCC.  The first event on the schedule is the annual Pancake Ride in March, the exact date to be announce soon.  Until then, Cheers and Ride Safe!

Halloween Ride

Attention Goblins and Ghouls!

Our next scheduled ride is our Halloween Ride on October 24th at The Pines.

The ride starts at 7:30 in the parking lot.  This is a MTN Bike night ride at The Pines, so lights are required.  If you don’t have lights, stop in at Oxford Source for Sports, Pedal Power (or your local shop) and buy some, or just duct tape a flashlight to your bike if you have to!  Do as many laps as you want at the pace you want, and enjoy the view of all the lights floating through the trails, it’s very spooky.  This is open to members of all ages and costumes are encouraged, but not required.


That Dam ‘Cross Race

It’s been a long time since there has been a cyclocross race in the City of Woodstock, but thanks to club member Michael Jaffray along with Michael Aston and a group of volunteers, they successfully had one at Pittock on Saturday October the 3rd.  This race was not put on by the WCC, but we were happy to help and support it.

It was typical cross weather…cold, light rain and east winds gusting at 50 kph!  The course was mostly grass with the usual barriers and run ups.  A favorite was the beach section with deep sand at the entry and exit.

The club was well represented with many members competing and members cheering everyone on.  Members racing were:  Maureen O’Hare, Amy White and Marcy Dibbley in Masters Women, Taylor Ford in E4, Roy Andrigo, Chris Ferrell, Dallas Moesker and Chris Pollett in M3




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Three Dave’s and a Gerald – Eastern European Bike Trip 2015

For many years Gerald Mueller has been going on fantastic rides and then sharing them in club newsletters.  Check out his latest ride:

“The whole idea surrounding this trip wasn’t another excuse for a bike tour, but rather a celebration for
Dave Bell who turned 60 this past February. Dave wanted to cycle through some countries he had never visited, so with some thorough checking of a map of Europe, he came up with a great idea.

The only downfall on any trip is time restrains, so we had to put the best route together to fit into a two week time slot. It was no problem seeking out cyclist who wanted to come along, but we knew in advance that we would be limiting the trip to four riders.

In the past, former WCC members Dave Bell and Dave Lee and myself have arranged road and mountain bike trips usually in Switzerland and surrounding countries. With another rider to welcome aboard, Dave Dewaal filled in the request.

David D introduced us to a cool bike trip planning website www.biketoaster.com . We could calibrate the type of roads, hills etc., and it would lay out a recommended route. At the same time, it listed altitude gains and distance, so we could keep modifying our route so we could stay in selected towns and cities along the way. Once your route was selected, we just downloaded it to our Garmin’s.

We also used printed off sections of maps I had acquired, and while being analog, paper cannot be beat in this digital age.

For each city we stayed in, we had a list of cheap, but high rated hotels form booking.com. Some of these hotels were listed on our Garmin’s, so we just followed the computer to the hotel.

In the course of 12 ½ days of riding, we rode 1,626km, climbed 12,232m, and burned off umpteen calories, entering seven countries. The countries we visited were Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.

The further East we were, the cheaper things became. The hotels and food were always excellent, and the unheard of beers were always welcome at day’s end. Sometimes at our lunch stop as well.

Now that the trip is finished, it is impossible to list a favorite country we visited. It is easy to express our view on what country had the smoothest roads. For most of the route, the roads were pretty good, but there were times when we wondered how our bikes held together. Go big in tires. There was not one flat tire, broken rack, frame or axle, considering the weight of our loaded up bikes and the speed we were travelling is a miracle.

We only had four days where there was some rain involved, otherwise perfect weather. We may have had grunted up the long climbs, cursed the sections of terrible road surfaces, but at the end of the day, nothing puts a smile on your face like bike touring.”


Announcing 2015 Youth Program Sponsors

The club is very excited to announce the addition of some new sponsors.  Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada has generously donated to the program this year, we are very excited to have them as our primary sponsor.  We are also pleased to announce 2 associate sponsors, Peters Paving and Beantown coffee Co.  Please click on their logos on the main website page for more information.

Thanks to these sponsor, we will soon be ordering some team kit for the kids!