The AGM and The New Executive

Just a quick update to let everyone know…..

Although we didn’t get as much of a turn out as we hoped for, last night’s AGM was a fun night as usual.  Outgoing President, Thomas, gave a presentation on the state of the club, and as expected 2015 was a great success.

President for 2016 will be Dallas Moesker.

Thanks Thomas for your many years of work on the executive of the WCC!  Even though you’re spending most of your time in the big city, we know you’ll still be leaned on for advice and guidance.

Vice-President will now be Chris Pollett.

Secretary and Treasurer will continue to be held by Brian Walsh and Jody Mitchell.

Marcy Dibbley has agreed to stay on for another year running the Youth Program.  Thanks Marcy!

Media will continue to be Tom Redekop, you’ll hear more from him once Ski/Snowboard season ends.

The new Trail Maintenance Chair will be Jamie McPherson.  Thank you, Alistair for your hard work building the last few years.

We have a new Race Director, Dave Coeck.  Previous race director and long time executive member was Ryan Ludington.  Thanks Ryan, for your many years and many successful races.

And last but not least, I (Chris Ferrell) will return as Touring Chair and general pain in the backside!

2016 looks to be an exciting year of continued improvements to the WCC.  The first event on the schedule is the annual Pancake Ride in March, the exact date to be announce soon.  Until then, Cheers and Ride Safe!

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